City bike tours, bike rentals and bike transport in the Bamberg region

Discover Bamberg’s UNESCO world cultural heritage sites and Bamberg as the brewing capital of the world – the best way to explore Bamberg is by bike. You will cover more ground by bike than on foot – the gardening quarter, scenic spots by the water, green parks, and St. Michael's Monastery with its vineyard.

Discover the cycling region of Bamberg with 800 km of cycle paths as a gourmet region – on the Main cycle route or in the nature parks Steigerwald (the Steigerwald forest), Hassberge (the Hassberge mountains) and Fränkische Schweiz (Franconian Switzerland).

Discover cultural highlights on either side of the bike path – from the high culture of the Franconian Baroque to the small-scale patchwork of the cultivated landscape and, of course, Franconia’s fine wine and beer culture. Also suitable as a company outing or an incentive for teams!

In a town with 2400 listed historic buildings and a region with 150 breweries within cycling distance, it’s helpful to have a guide with you who can keep track.


See the city of Bamberg and the surrounding region through the eyes of a genuine expert and aficionado.


  • Everything that catches your interest will be explored and explained: history and current developments from the geology of the Jura through to Baroque architecture and current news.
  • Visits to sights, market gardens and breweries can be arranged.
  • The journey is in itself the destination as hidden short-cuts open up new vistas.



Explore Bamberg by bike

Tourist Information Office – Old Town Hall - University in Old Town - Concert Hall - ERBA Park - Little Venice - St. Michael’s Monastery - Lock No. 100 - Gardener’s Quarter - Mahrs Brewery - Hain park - Theatre

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The beer region by bike

Bamberg is adjacent to three scenic nature parks that all boast far more than their fair share of breweries.

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The beer town by bike

Discover breweries and beer culture within the city of Bamberg ...

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Fountains at Easter

Decorating fountains for Easter is a tradition in the region, and this year they are as resplendent as ever. The Easter Wells are usually decorated from Palm Sunday on (traditionally this was not done before Holy Saturday) and the decoration remains in place for one to two weeks after Easter.

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