See Bamberg the sporty way

Single trail MTB tours around Bamberg and in the “Frankish” hills

You have been bitten by the bike bug, and you would like to cycle through nature on unpaved trails?
You crave flow and don’t want to have to orient yourself afresh at every junction – just to follow your guide?
You are looking forward to a hearty meal of bread, cheeses and meats in a “cellar”, as the Franconians call their beer gardens?


I can lead your mountain bike tour through the Bamberg region. You can choose the height profile, the level of technical difficulty, the duration and the number of breaks.


The length, duration and cost of tours depend on the individual tour planned. A sample tour is shown on the right (seven hills mountain bike tour). Plan your tour with Bamberg & Bike!


A dream location for road bike tours

Road bike tour through three nature parks with plentiful and diverse breweries and cultural attractions, height profiles ranging from flat to super-hilly, side roads with minimal motor traffic...


Price and duration

With individual planning (group rate) 3 hours: €140


Sight running through the world cultural heritage sites

If the weather is wet or you don’t have your own sport bike with you, I can offer you an individual World Heritage Run – with explanations on the hoof.


Price and duration

(Group rate) 1.5 hours €100


Rental bikes from our bike rental service available!

You can, of course, avail of our bike rentals. Further information on our rental bikes...

By mountain bike...

Seven Hills mountain bike tour

Every Bamberg tourist sees Cathedral hill, and most people know that Bamberg, the Franconian Rome, is built on seven hills. But not many people know the hidden mountain bike routes up these hills…


Tour route

  • Along the Regnitz to the ERBA park and through the monastery gardens of St. Michael to St. Michael’s Church
  • Via Rothof to the Altenburg
  • In Bruderwald forest, we surf for 8 km on the longest single trail in Bamberg
  • The tour finishes in one of the open-air beer cellars Spezial or Greifenklau


Duration and distance

3 hours, 25 km, 500 hm



€140 (group rate)


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