Bamberg’s brewing culture

Discover the beer country around Bamberg

Within a radius of around 40 km of Bamberg, 150 working breweries brewing 1001 different beers throughout the year are still to be found, most of them with their own country pubs attached. Nowhere else in the world does such diversity exist. More information is available here: Bierland Oberfranken (Upper Franconia’s “Beer Country”)Franconia – Home of beers and on the private breweries site. Upper Franconia also has the greatest variety of butchers’s shops and bakeries in the world and with that also a huge selection of sausages, hams and types of bread. See the Genussregion Oberfranken (gourmet region Upper Franconia) site for details! The healthiest way to enjoy this rich, energy-dense cuisine and brewing culture is on hiking and cycling tours. The beergarden season runs from May through to September,and the blood alcohol limit for cyclists in Germany is more than three times higher than the limit for car drivers. With an upper limit of 150 millilitres, you can definitely go for a second glass with a clear conscience.

Discover the delights of the region for yourself on a city bike tour with a beer theme or on a tour through the countryside that takes in a selection of the numerous small breweries still operating in Franconian villages.


“Franconian Tuscany” tour route: Sculpture trail, Seehof Palace and 13 breweries

This tour leads through the Regnitz valley into the gentle foothills of Franconia’s Little Tuscany. We will see dozens of modern sculptures in an inspiring landscape and stroll through the huge park at Seehof Palace. We will pass 13 breweries and stop at two of them.


Duration and distance

44 km, 6 hours including two stops



€250, not including rental of bikes and meal. Can be extended flexibly to take in five more breweries and cover another twelve kilometres.


Legal notice: if participants become intoxicated and are visibly not fit to cycle (as a result of drinking before the tour or imbibing significantly more than 3 beers during the tour), they will be excluded from the tour and will have to bear the costs of returning to their accommodation themselves.

Bike through the capital of beer

Urban bike tour focussed on beer culture – Discover the BEER TOWN of Bamberg

I also offer a version of my city bike tour with a particular focus on brewing culture. Bambergers have always prioritized their beer – to the point where a “Bamberg Beer War” could and did break out. Any introduction to beer culture naturally has to feature a stop at a traditional Bamberger brewery, maybe even, for sporty cyclists or cyclists mounted on e-bikes, one offering such fantastic views as Greifenklau or Spezial.


Tour route

8 of the 10 working Bamberg breweries (from originally 78), the celebrated Weyermann malthouse , the brewing technology manufacturer Kaspar Schulz, the brewing museum on the Michaelsberg hill and the hops dealer villas in the Hain quarter.


Duration and distance

18 km, 5 h including a stop for a meal



€200, not including price of meal and smoked beer tasting



The beer region by bike

Bamberg is adjacent to three scenic nature parks that all boast far more than their fair share of breweries.

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The beer town by bike

Discover breweries and beer culture within the city of Bamberg ...

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