Bike and luggage transport services

We offer the transport of bicycles and luggage throughout Franconia. If, for example, the transport of your bikes by train is not possible for your journey, we transport your bikes and luggage from the airports Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Munich, Leipzig or from station to station.

  • max. 14 bicycles/E-bikes and luggage in a transporter: comfortable, fast, safe and weather-protected
  • max. 30 bikes/e-bikes and luggage in a van with luggage trailer: comfortable, weatherproof and safe
  • Luggage transfer from/to Bamberg
  • Available throughout Franconia
  • 4 € per e-bike, 2 € per touring bike or suitcase up to 15 kg plus 0.70 € per kilometre in the van, or 1.00 € in the van with luggage trailer