Bike and luggage transport services

We transport bicycles, people and luggage throughout Franconia. If you are travelling in a group and it is not possible to take your bikes on the train, we can pick them up at one station and drop them off at another.

  • Max. 8 people with bikes/e-bikes and luggage: comfortable, quick, protected from the elements
  • Max. 35 bikes/e-bikes in lockable enclosed trailer: secure and protected from the elements
  • Airport transfers from Nuremberg (NUR), Frankfurt (FRA) and Munich (MUC) for max. 8 persons with bike cases or bulky luggage.
  • Luggage transfer to/from Bamberg
  • Available throughout Franconia


Price examples:

  • Aschaffenburg to Bamberg, 8 people with e-bikes and luggage: €280
  • Würzburg Main Station to Bamberg train station, 35 bikes and 2 people: €200
  • Bamberg train station to Nuremberg main station, 15 bikes and 2 people: €110
  • Transport of up to eight pieces of luggage to Hassfurt: €60